Seacoast Radiology

Our Services

Seacoast Radiology offers the full spectrum of diagnostic imaging, breast diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology.

Comprehensive Breast Imaging

Ourbreast fellowship led program includes 3D screening digital mammography, 3D diagnostic digital mammography and diagnostic breast ultrasound, as well as breast MRI, imaging guided biopsy and surgical guidance marker placement.

Interventional Radiology

We perform minimally invasive non-vascular imaging-guided procedures using ultrasound, CT, and fluoroscopy for tissue diagnosis and fluid analysis.

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic Paracentesis & Thoracentesis
  • CT guided lung biopsy
  • Liver & Kidney biopsy
  • Bone biopsy
  • Thyroid biopsy
  • Nephrostomy tubes
  • Thoracic or abdominal mass biopsy
  • Fluoroscopic Lumbar Puncture
  • Arthrogram
  • Abscess drainage

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging describes a variety of non-invasive techniques such as X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and Nuclear medicine to look inside the body to help determine the causes of an injury or an illness, or to monitor treatment therapy.